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The Official White House Guide to the Gay Community for Dummies

NOTE FROM PAM: I'll be offline a lot of the day, but I look forward to seeing your suggestions here. One thing this admin can and should do pronto is renounce the DOMA brief's homophobic arguments.

Ok, I have to work it out the best way I can.

Obviously, the Obama Administration is completely clueless (or downright vicious, but go with me on the clueless part for a sec) vis-a-vis its relations with the gay community.

 In any event, I just thought that I would throw out to everyone here at the Blend, exactly how  can the Obama Administration improve it's relations with the gay community?


That doesn't mean, of course, the he needs to support marriage equality, he didn't campaign on that so we don't have to hold him to that, of course. I mean, I am talking about basic fuc*ing communications.

By all means, be truthful, be blunt, but be respectful (he is the President, after all). Be satirical, if you must. Maybe write something that the White House can get a little chuckle out of.

Please, help a brotha out! 

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