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North Carolina ACTION ALERT

A vote in the North Carolina House of Representatives will be scheduled soon (possibly tomorrow) on the School Violence Prevention Act – aka the bullying bill.

Merely because this bill dares to protect children with different actual or percieved sexual orientations or gender identities, the anti-LGBT opposition has been in overdrive opposing this bill.

Please send this link from Equality NC to your friends in NC and have them contact their state representative (the one in Raleigh, not DC). 

 The vote count is close and the lies the opposition are spreading include this whopper: same-sex parents are worse than second hand smoke.

That didn't come from some crazy anti-LGBT lobbyist, that's from the House GOP Leader himself, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam (R-Wake).

So, you can see the level of desperation when the lies get this big.

If you're in NC, please contact your state-level House member.

If you're outside NC, please email this link to your friends in NC and urge them to act.

 A vote could be as soon as 1pm Thursday.

(Baristas, please feel free to clean up my post.  I'm just trying to get the info out). 




 The opposition has been  

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