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Obama Now Whipping Supplemental: Rahm FAIL

rahmemanuel1113.thumbnail.jpgBig guns coming out for the supplemental:

President Obama has been calling members to help secure their vote for the supplemental, according to a senior Democratic aide.

We’ve managed to hold 36 progressives (and shoot down a couple of trial balloon defections). Rahm threatened, bribed, cajoled, browbeat, threw tons of pork in to pay everybody off — and he failed. Obama had to come in and clean up his mess.

More than one person has told me that Rahm overplayed his hand. He packaged the IMF and the supplemental together, and proceeded to browbeat progressives that the White House has been snubbing from the get go. He was too cute by half when he threw in Lieberman-Graham so he’d have something to deal out for progressives in the House. Even Barney Frank got mad and refused to be played like that.

Keep the calls coming. Drive those "leaning no" into the "no" column. Make them separate these bills so the IMF can come out from behind the war funding and we can have an honest discussion about whether we really need a $108 billion European bank bailout right now.

I’m feeling more hopeful about a public plan, though. If Obama will make calls for this, surely he’ll do so for healthcare.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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