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Liveblog of Supplemental

Mike Arcuri (D-NY) says this will be the last supplemental.  Maybe this time it will be true.

Swine flu they were going to give up anyway.

"Not perfect" — yes, Maxine Waters did make that point.

David Dreier — the IMF should be debated, not done through emergency funding — regular appropriations process.  Against it because it cuts troop funding.

Stripping out Lieberman photos were done to appease the far left?  Well, yeah.  That’s why they were included in the first place, so progressives would feel like they were getting something when they had to suck it up.

(Jared Polis @jaredpolis RT Jim Himes @jahimes War Supplemental bill getting ever more complex. Cash-for-clunkers in, torture photo restriction out, IMF in. 3-D political chess.)

Kucinich — we don’t have money for healthcare, or to save our steel mills or homes, we have money for war.  Wars that are based on lies.  We should be opposing this war, not deferring to the President.

Call call call…..

McKeon — Not sure why the Republicans are obsessing on Lieberman-Graham, Obama committed to suppressing the photos anyway.

Levin — Points out that Obama committed to suppressing the photos.

Sheila Jackson-Lee — If she thinks the IMF funding is so imperative, why did she sign on to Maxine Waters’ letter saying that as written, it "precluded the possibility of House legislation on the IMF package"?  Also signed 2007 commitment to vote for no war funding that did not include troop withdrawal provisions.  Yes, that old thing.

Dreier — WTF is auto bailout doing in troop funding bill?  And a side note, is it possible for anyone to use the word "bipartisan" more than six times in a sentence without sounding like Joe Lieberman?

Siun says: Arcuri uses the line that was used to badger the OOIC to vote yes on the May 2007 Supplemental – don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The demand is always that we settle for not ending war as some sort of faux way to end war.

They’re now discussing Commerce, Justice spending bill.   Trying to find out what’s happening…

David Swanson:  "VOTING BEGINS: voting postponed. This means they do not have the votes."

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Liveblog of Supplemental

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