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Another Reason Why Gays Should Be Able To Adopt

Just before shutting down the computer for the day (I need to get caught up on my rest – related posting) I came across this sad story in Mesa, AZ.

It breaks my heart when I hear or see stories about the abuse of children having back in the late 70's, early 80's being involved on a national level with a child abuse prevention program.

A 20-year-old Mesa woman was arrested Sunday after police found her two toddler children alone in a filthy apartment eating dog food, according to court documents.

You'll find this sad and despicable story here at The East Valley Tribune.

I posted this comment at the article:

“Fathers”, I love it, not only is she a despicable mother, but a common tramp to boot.

I hope child services takes the children away from her and puts them into a good home.

Besides Octomom, if this isn't reason for having mandatory “tubes tied” I don't know what is.

Her only saving grace, and I mean ONLY, is she didn't have an abortion when she was pregnant.

Rotten wench !!!

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Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans