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US Persecuter Patrick Fitzgerald Goes Full Metal Neo-Con To Cover Up The 9-11 Attacks

Fitzie is trying to punish and suppress a journalist critical of the official 9-11 Report mythology, Peter Lance. Fitzgerald also wants to take down Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. His US Prosecutor office is being used to protect the Loyal Bushies who allowed the 9-11 attacks to happen. Did I say allow? Instead I will say they criminally conspired to murder 3000 people. And I will say that Fitzgerald is conspiring in a Cover Up to conceal these crimes. That is far stronger than what Lance claims.

Peter Lance speaks for himself in a 30 minute Youtube, and a FORA TV interview and a lengthy C-Span book review.

Fitzgerald is a hero to many people for the successful US vs. Scooter Libby battle. Of course, the victory in Court looked good at the time, even as Scooter escaped any punishment for his crimes. But more important, the source of the Niger Forgeries remained secret. Libby "outed" Plame because Joe Wilson showed the Niger Forgeries were forgeries. These phony documents were created to provide justification for the Irak war.

The cast of characters involved in Niger-gate is like old home week in the government scandal sweepstakes. Aside from Ledeen, whose storied (or is that checkered?) history is well-known, we have Clarridge, first head of the Counterterrorism Center set up by Bill Casey under Reagan, who deserves a column all by himself. His close relationship with Ledeen dates from his time as chief of station in Rome in the late 1970s. Clarridge was indicted for lying to prosecutors during the Iran-Contra imbroglio, but given a presidential pardon.."

The anti-hero of Peter Lance’s narrative "Triple Cross" and his previous books, is the "Egyptian Captain", Ali Abdul Mohamad (AAM). Where is this egyptian military officer, who pleaded guilty to the African embassy bombings which killed hundreds and wounded thousands. Fitzie let him cop a plea. Ali Mohamad might be in prison. Or he might be in a Silicon Valley Condo with his wife, a former TWA Stewardess. Or he might still be assisting Usama Bin Laden by running Al Qaeda as he did in the 1990’s. Only Fitzie knows.

An officer, in the Egyptian Army, AAM enlisted in the US Army in the 1980’s and became an Army Sergeant, possibly in "covert ops" with Green Beret units. AAM was allowed (or assigned) to travel to Afghanistan to fight "Charlie Wilson’s War".

"Afghanistan’s Taliban was largely the creation of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and a hard-drinking, party-loving Texas congressman who helped funnel billions of dollars in arms to "freedom fighters" like Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Mohammed Omar."

AAM was certainly one of the Al CIAda’s, working for both CIA and FBI and Military and who knows what else. But AAM was also allowed to work for Bin Laden’s organization, supplying military training, advice, classified documents and perhaps weapons. He apparently was helping with the first World Trade Center Bombing in 1993. Was AAM a double agent or triple agent or did he himself even know. Patrick Fitzgerald is keeping everything super top secret classified, as usual. That is an easy way to win a lawsuit.

When he was a New York prosecutor in 1993, Fitzgerald had prior knowledge of the first World Trade Center Bombing. Fitzgerald may have helped allow that terrorist act to occur. The United States Government certainly did have advance knowledge and did let that bombing occur. This contradicts the government story that the first WTC bombing was solved by identifying a parts number from a rental truck. So Fitzie and the US Prosecutors were guilty of gross negligence in allowing a bombing to happen. Then they lied about it. As early as July, 1989, the future WTC bombers were under FBI surveillance.

Another former Egyptian military officer, Emad Salem was an FBI informer. Salem had infiltrated the "Blind Sheik’s" group and had become part of WTC bombing plot. The FBI was informed by Salem and Salem wanted to use a fake bomb. The FBI decided to continue the plot with a real bomb, and without Salem.

Mr. Salem recorded the conversations with Government agents on his own, without the knowledge or consent of his contacts in the F.B.I., apparently to use as an insurance policy to hold the Government to its promises of money and protection.Some of the most striking passages in the transcripts show Mr. Salem agonizing over what he suggests was the failure of the F.B.I., despite his information, to halt the Feb. 26 bombing of the trade center, in which six people were killed. Although Mr. Salem is not a witness in that case, he was working with the Government at that time."They told me that ‘we want to set this,’ " Mr. Salem said, referring to the bomb in a conversation on April 1 with John Anticev, one of the F.B.I. agents he reported to, and sometimes complained to others about. " ‘What’s the right place to put this?’ "

Lance makes other charges against Fitzgerald. The official 9-11 Report says the 1993 WTC bombing was not part of Al Qaeda. This seems to be false. Many of the same people were in both plots, especially Bin Laden and AAM. As early as 1995, the plans for another WTC attack were being made by Bin Laden and AAM. Al Qaeda also began to be planning airline hijackings about this time. Later, a number of Al Qaeda agents took flight training. All this was known to law enforcement. The official version of 9-11 attack was written by Fitzie colleague Dietrich Snell and is meant to protect the FBI and Justice Department. The 9-11 Report falsely repeats the "no actionable intelligence" myth. Lance calls Fitzgerald an expert on Bin Laden.

In 1994, Fitzgerald became the prosecutor in the case against Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others charged in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.[7] In 1996, Fitzgerald became the National Security Coordinator for the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. There, he served on a team of prosecutors investigating Osama bin Laden.[8] He also served as chief counsel in prosecutions related to the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

With respect to the national security failures including the 9-11 attacks, Counterterrorism official Richard Clarke apologized and said "Your government failed you." Patrick Fitzgerald also failed us, yet he has not apologized for his failures.

"Cover Up" and "Triple Cross" provide plenty of topics to disagree with. Lance does not necessarily believe 9-11 was an inside job. Or at least he believes it a one-third inside job. He thinks WTC Building 7 was "wired" and deliberately demolished. Lance claims AAM had the plans for 9-11 attack. Lance repeatedly says AAM "infiltrated" the US Government. But it is obvious AAM was recruited and was considered an important "asset".

The story gets more confused when the Mafia and Al Qaeda intersect. A mafia killer Greg Scarpa Sr. is recruited by the FBI. Scarpa’s corrupt FBI handler uses murder and manipulation to promote Scarpa to a leadership position in his crime family. This story sounds quite similar to the rise of Bin Laden or AAM in Al Qaeda’s leadership. By an amazing coincidence, Scarpa’s son was in a jail cell next to the WTC bombers and helped to send messages to Bin Laden. Really! Who does not use organized crime to deliver terrorist instructions?

I disagree with Lance’s interpretation of Al Qaeda because Al Qaeda is a joke, although a deadly joke. These thugs could possibly obtain nuclear weapons-if the neo-cons helped them to attack America again. But it is at most only several thousand psychopaths, losers and religious fundies. Their deadly successes were made possible only with the help of the Saudi and Pakistan and US secret services. The alleged Al Qaeda and Bin Laden tapes and videos are obvious neo-con forgeries. Even the "spooks" are publicly saying 9-11 Inside Job.

Perhaps Fitzgerald is not really trying to shred the Constitution while concealing the truth about the neo-con cabal behind 9-11 and the Oil Wars. Perhaps he wants "Triple Cross" to be popularized and the truth about 9-11 revealed. I doubt it. Oh Fitzie, please sue. This lawsuit would be a real neo-con circus. AAM could tell his story. Emad Salem could tell his. It could lead to reality teevee, "Help, I’m An Al Qaeda Double Agent! Get Me Out Of Here!"

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