The Return of “So this is how Vaughn Meader must have felt…”

Kathryn Jean Lopez (K-Lo to most, "The Stalker" to Ann Romney) is being downsized (oh, stop giggling) by NRO:

I will soon be stepping aside as editor of National Review Online.  I’m not going too far. I’ll still be contributing to NRO with ideas and content, and if you are an author or reader you might not notice much of a change. I’ll probably still be bugging you for pieces if you’re an author and I’ll still be traffic-copping the Corner. But I will be moving my primary base of operation in the fall from New York to D.C., and will no longer honcho NRO on a day-by-day basis.

Since "honcho" is not a verb, we consulted the Urban Dictionary to see what crazee ways kidz are using "honcho" these days, but to no avail. We did find "hincho":

a person of latin american descent with poor taste in fashion, music and speaks with a heavy accent

….so, we’re thinking typo.

Anyway, we’re very sad in that sad way that we haven’t been since the demise of America’s Worst Mother™ which was sad. And almost career threatening.

If this were a career.

Which it isn’t.

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