I realize there is marginal impact of even an effective message to the masses via a few feet of cardboard and a Sharpie.  Still, the parade is the next big (if not only) public event on the horizon in San Francisco and this year better be a doozy (I'm foaming at the mouth with rage and I hope I have company) so I'd like to work on some messaging.

The problem is that I am in a rut.  Even when I try to get creative, and step back from an angry message, I still revert back to big black letters on a white board that say:  “Fuck you, Obama.”

My concern is that there will be many (too many) uinformed LGBTs in attendance that haven't been paying close attention, certainly in the past week, and/or haven't bothered trying to understand how big of a failure Obama has already been, and will continue to be, without intesne pressure that must include street demonstrations and media captures and civil disobedience.  

Hmmm…maybe a simple “Fuck You” will shock the sheep into wondering what's all the fuss about and inspire them to let go of Democratic Party adoration and embrace real political activism.  Yeah, wishful thinking…

Seriously – do you have any ideas for a brief, pithy, effective sign?