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An Insight into the Iranian ‘Elections’

This article seems to me the best one in describing what has happened/is happening in Iran re the ‘elections’.

"There will be always people who will support those like Mr. Ahmadinejad, in the same way that many Americans supported Mr. Bush or support Christian fundamentalists. But that does not mean that the Iranian people prefer a theocracy to a pluralistic country with freedom of religion and expression for everyone."

"In order to win Mousavi had taken up the progressive slogans, which he had previously fought against. I was there at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution when he was the Prime Minister, and implemented many of the repressive measures which he now denounces."

"For me, elections in a country such as Iran don’t have same meaning as in countries such as the US. We hardly have a choice in who we vote for anyway. There was also not one single international observer.

A sizable number of people can’t even read in Iran and they will vote for Ahmadinejad."

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