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All Hell Breaking Loose In Iran

Another Twitter here, this one from ABC News in Tehran and constantly being updated.


Sounds like the entire country is rapidly destabilizing, with tanks now being employed in addition to the huge police presence.

The story is being liveblogged By Nico Pitney and constantly updated on HuffPo with additional updates numbering in the thousands on Twitter.

AP cites multiple examples of communications being jammed by the Iranian government, which has been occurring sporadically for days.

The British Broadcasting Co. said that electronic jamming of its news report, which it said began on election day Friday, had worsened by Sunday, causing service disruptions for BBC viewers and listeners in Iran, the Middle East and Europe.

A range of communications have been disrupted inside Iran since election day, including those which could be used to organize protests.

Iran restored cell phone service Sunday that had been down in the capital since Saturday. But Iranians still could not send text messages from their mobile phones, and the government increased its Internet filtering in an apparent attempt to undercut opposition voices. Social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter were also not working.

A spokesman for the Swedish network SVT, Geronimo Akerlund, said its reporter, Lena Pettersson, had been asked to “leave Iran as soon as possible because the elections are over.”

Dubai-based news network Al Arabiya said the station’s correspondent in Tehran was given a verbal order from Iranian authorities that its office would be closed for one week, said Executive News Editor Nabil Khatib.

German television network ZDF said Sunday on air that its reporter in Iran and other reporters were being “prevented from doing their jobs in a massive form.”

Italian state TV RAI said one of its crews was caught in a street clash. An Iranian interpreter was beaten with clubs by riot police and officers confiscated the cameraman’s videotapes, the station said.

More below, including questions regarding the whereabouts and safety of Ahmendinejad’s opponent…Per President Ahmedinejad, the safety of Mir Hussein Moussavi, his rival in the presidential election, cannot be guaranteed.

Moussavi’s website has posted a letter, supposedly issued by Moussavi, demanding that the results be thrown out.

On Sunday, a letter that appeared to be written by Moussavi requested the government annul the contested results. The letter circulated among Moussavi’s supporters and was posted on his campaign Web site, which has published previously confirmed statements from Moussavi.

“I see this as the only solution to restore the public trust and support of the people for their government,” it states.

The letter calls on Iran’s Guardian Council to nullify the results. The Council is a constitutionally mandated body of six clerics and six jurists, which functions as Iran’s electoral authority and has other powers.

The letter also said Moussavi asked authorities for a permit to hold protests in cities across Iran “so that people are offered an opportunity to express their opposition at the way the election was handled.”

In the letter attributed to him, Moussavi calls on his supporters to be peaceful but persistent with their opposition across the country. The statement rallies his supporters behind the color green, which he used in his campaign.

“We should not give up the use [of] the color green which is the symbol of spirituality, freedom and religious reason, nor the slogan ‘God is Great’ which shows the roots of our revolution,” the letter on his Web site says.

But questions remain as to where Moussavi is… some reports say he has been under house arrest since Saturday.

Others state that he is planning a speech and will be speaking to supporters soon. This was also confirmed by HuffPo at 8:31 pm EDT.

One thing is for sure: no matter how Ahmedinejad wants to whitewash the current situation in Iran, it is certainly NOT under control…  

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