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It’s “Tooltime with Tapper.” Again.


Via Wonkette, we are blessed with this shiny little wisdom nugget from Jake “The Tool” Tapper:


I know it’s tough, but try to follow this bouncing ball.

Statement of fact: Both Islamic fundamentalists and Republicans are against marriage equality for gay people.

Statement of fact: Jake Tapper, James Von Brunn, and Scott Roeder are all white males.

Statement of fact: Both Jake Tapper and James Von Brunn are American males with journalism training.


Yes we CAN do this all day.  In fact, it’s kind of fun!

So, in honor of the deep thinking Jake Tapper, we’re going to open up the phone lines and let you play “Reductio Ad Absurdum”.

What’s the lamest false equivalency YOU can come up with?

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