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Tired At Heck, But I Think It Went OK

Hi folks. I am so behind the news cycles now – “Yesterday” lasted just shorter than 48 hours (with literally no sleep) — I’m still sooooo out of it. And yet, I need to talk about the KRXQ broadcast yesterday morning.

So this morning browsing the news on trans issues, I’ve learned, Chas Bono is now out as an F2M, trans rights have gone global, and there’s new software benefits transgender students, a film on an Irish trans person won a rights award. A busy trans news day, for sure.

And sadly too, to those list of articles, a transgender woman in Seattle was a victim of hate crime.

I need to write a wrap up piece on the radio interview that occurred yesterday, but since my laptop crapped out this trip, I’m relegated to borrowing computers. So for this diary I’m borrowing a friend’s (Mila Pavlin’s) computer to for this piece — I realize I won’t be able to create multiple diaries today. How do I write a wrap-up that necessary wrap-up piece when my heart tells me that a hate crime story is, as always, the more important concern?

Well, now y’all know some limitations behind being the human being behind the name “Autumn Sandeen.” When I talk to you, blenders, about trans issues, it’s an almost always thing to keep my humanity, as well as the humanity of all trans people, in the forefront.

So, this is the theme of this diary: the humanity of minority populations of people in general, and the humanity of trans individuals as part of broader communities in specific. When TransYouth Family Allies‘ (TYFA’s) Kim Pearson and I went onto the Rob, Arnie, And Dawn In The Morning‘s show yesterday, we went to affirm the humanity of people and children in general, and trans people and children in specific.

If y’all were looking for Kim and me to set it up for trans people and parents of trans people to be winners and Rob, Arnie, and Dawn to be losers, you’ll be disappointed by the broadcast. Kim and I aimed to have everyone in that room understand that we’re all human and deserve to have our humanity celebrated and embraced; I know I personally wanted all of us in that broadcast room to leave that room as winners. Listen for yourself…


Frankly, I was mostly expecting crocodile tears, but saw instead real sincerity in the hosts’ eyes. Whether or not the change is lasting — well, I suspect it is, but I really can’t know 100%. But, the email I’ve been receiving since the show has left me with the feeling that we — not just Kim and me, but y’all as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, as well as y’all as part of the progressive communities — were a positive force for humanity.

As I said in a quote for the GLAAD media release on the show aftermath:

“I think this is the way we make change — and we don’t mean as individuals, but as a community. Humanity won the day. I think that’s what worked — we all became humans in the same room instead of stereotypes.

Which brings us back to the Seattle hate crime.

The attack occurred by a bus stop near Franklin High School.

Officer Wayne Johnson said while attacking the woman, some of the youths uttered a slur for a gay man. The suspects then knocked the woman over and attempted to steal her backpack before fleeing the scene, the officer wrote in his report.

We live in a world where many seem to feel a need to cull out “the other” — people who are not like them — for hate and hate violence.

The Times reported the assault case could eventually be handled under Washington’s new hate crime law that makes any action that targets an individual for their sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ethnicity, disability or gender, a felony in the state.

In the interview I did for TruTV In Session, I made the comment that trans people effect change one at a time by meeting people and demonstrating our humanity. Lisa Bloom commented in return about how awful it must be to defend one’s humanity every day.

I guess these Seattle youth haven’t recognized transgender people’s humanity as yet. It’s too sad that these as yet unidentified youth might learn trans people are human in a trial and felony sentencings.

And in the broader sense, how horrible that the Obama Administration doesn’t acknowledge or defend the humanity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as well. It is hard to — knowing we shouldn’t have to — defend our humanity every day of our existances.


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