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New Facebook Usernames… What’s Yours?

This is a pretty straight forward dairy, not a whole lot of content, but with all the bad news today, something silly & side tracking could be good for us.  For those of you who don't know, at midnight introduced usernames.  If you have a facebook & haven't signed up for one yet, go to right now while the name you want is still available (it needs to be at least 5 characters long).  Then come back here & tell us what you picked.

I am:

Who are you?  And why'd you pick that username?

My reasons for picking this name are below the fold

Firstoff, after getting married my name is Jake Gellar-Goad.  No one can spell Gellar with an A, and no one can spell Goad at all, so there is no way anyone was going to get something like right… it kind of defeated the whole purpose of going for an easy to rememer & spell url.


I figure since my MPA degree that I'm working towards will take me deeper into politics as my career progresses, why not go for something political, like democrat?  But I didn't want to pigeon hole myself too much, so in the end I went for a value I hold dearly, which is still somewhat political.

So this is the new me, who are you?



Share your new username & reason for picking it below!

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Jake Gellar-Goad

Jake Gellar-Goad

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