The Ladies Man


I’m not sure if Sarah Palin is completely comfortable with John Ziegler acting as her unofficial spokesperson. Then again, her rise in politics has been based more on unbridled ambition than for having a keen political ear, so she might very well think that Ziegler did a swell job, you betcha:

Wow. That’s like Michael Goldfarb² when it comes to smirky douchbaggery.

Unsurprisingly John has always been smooth with the ladies which makes him the perfect defender of Palin virtue :

In 2002, wanting to return to radio, Ziegler was hired by Louisville, Kentucky radio station WHAS. Once again, his tenure did not last long, as during a Ask John Anything segment, he discussed the physical attributes, intimate attire, and genital grooming of Darcie Divita, a former Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader and WDRB morning television host with whom Ziegler had a relationship until Divita broke up with him. WHAS fired him on August 27, 2003, and Divita sued for $2,700,000, claiming libel and defamation of character. However, on May 24, 2005, Ziegler was found not liable for damages as Divita was deemed a public figure by virtue of being a television personality. The case is currently on appeal.

And who can ever forget this memorable dream date:

I think it was fate that brought John Ziegler and Sarah Palin together.

I mean, here’s a picture of Ziegler and plaintiff Darcie Divita from back in their courtroom days:


Is it irresponsible to be creeped out? It is irresponsible not to.

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