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Irrefutable Proof that Holocaust Museum Shooter Wasn’t One of DHS’s “Right-Wing Extremists”

The usual suspects are trying to convince us that there’s absolutely no evidence that James von Brunn, who will be charged with murder, was a right-winger. Here’s what we know so far about him.

  1. He hates the US government.
  2. He hates liberals.
  3. He said President Obama was "created by Jews."
  4. He believes Obama wasn’t born in the United States.
  5. He holds conspiratorial views about the federal reserve.
  6. He feared the takeover of the country by "black governors."
  7. He was active in the white separatist movement.
  8. He is an anti-Semite.
  9. He is a known associate of William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries.
  10. He is a known associate of Stan Hess, formerly of David Duke’s European rights organization.
  11. His birther screed was posted approvingly at Free Republic.
  12. He idolized John G. Crommelin, a McCarthyite and segregationist who ran for Governor of Alabama for the ultra right-wing National States’ Rights Party.
  13. He calls himself a "White Christian."

Yep, sounds like a typical lefty to me.

Then again, to the wingnuts, the list looks something like this.

  1. He is a neo-Nazi.

Von Brunn’s a neo-Nazi. Nazis were leftists. Therefore, von Brunn is a leftist.

Heh. Suck it, Kossacks!

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