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Citizen Whip Count — Update

I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who is taking time out of their day to make calls and stand by their commitment to end the war. When I look over the lists and read about the thousands of calls people are making to the offices of members of congress, and I see people like Toby who called 25 offices in one day, it makes it all worthwhile.

We really appreciate the efforts of everyone who has called, and who continue to call.  It’s a highly fluid situation, and Rahm Emanuel is furiously horse trading for votes.  Sources on the Hill say that they’ve never seen this kind of full-court press from the White House.  Members are being bribed, bullied and cajoled into abandoning their commitment to vote against any war funding that doesn’t include a time table to bring the troops home.

  • Voting NO:   Jay Inslee, Pete Stark, Peter DeFazio (IMF)
  • Leaning NO:  Doris Matsui, Anthony Weiner

The conference meeting will be at 3pm ET today.   I’ve updated the Whip Tool to include the latest information we have on the vote count.  

Please keep the calls coming.  

Caller Response Representative
Mike Called Pete Stark’s office, and when I mentioned that I was calling about the War Supplemental Act, his secretary, (for the first time ever)took down all my information, and then asked me what I felt about the bill. I’ve called MANY times over the years, but I’ve never been asked for all my info before. Seems they are serious about finding out what their voters feel about this subject. I told her I’ve been a Dem. all my life, and always voted for Stark, but Americans voted Obama & other Dems in to END this war, and they are only increasing it. I said I will be voting third party if Stark votes yes on this. I explained how 100 Billion for IMF that devastates third world countries, and money to do anything but end these endless wars, is unacceptable. She said I could be assured Pete would be made aware of my feelings. Who knows??? Rep. Pete Stark
Jerilyn Inslee will vote No Rep. Jay Inslee
Toby I called over 25 congressperson’s offices in DC yesterday. Only Pete Stark’s staff person was willing to confirm that he would continue to vote no on the supplemental bill. Rep. Pete Stark
Gwen I spoke with Adam in Rep. Bobby Rush’s office. He does not know Rep. Rush’s position, but will give him my message. Rep. Bobby Rush
Elizabeth Maloney doesn’t have a position yet; took my comment. Rep. Carolyn Maloney
Carolyn In Brooklyn Anthony Weiner is undecided but leaning NO. Velazquez and Towns remain undecided until they see what comes out of committee. Rep. Anthony Weiner
Joseph Robert Brady is going to support the Supplemental. I just got off the phone with his office. Rep. Robert Brady
Joan I was on the Hill yesterday to talk to previous no voter Reps on the supplemental. Saw no reps but Costello’s chief of staff said he saw no reason at all that Costello would shift his vote to yes. Rep. Jerry Costello
Coleen I talked to James Oberstar’s staffer who I know personally. He said Oberstar is undecided but is being pressured to vote FOR the supplemental. (Oberstar is one who finally voted to defund the Vietnam War if you didn’t know his background and he’s been quoted saying he knew it was come to this again.) Coleen R. Rep. James Oberstar
Alan Called Michael Michaud’s office (Maine) and they were unwilling to commit on the phone, but promised to call back asap with that information. Rep. Michael Michaud
Fran Spoke with an intern who said he did not know how Lloyd Doggett would vote. Rep. Lloyd Doggett
Wilma Contacted Zoe Lofgren, George Milller, Mike Thompson, Louise Slaughter all took my message and name and address and said they would pass the message on. No problem. Got through on first ring to each one. Easiest calls I have ever made. Rep. Zoe Lofgren
Rev. Allyson Rep. John Lewis (D) Georgia opposed first, opposed to upcoming. Tried to call for more but the circuits were all busy! Yea! Rep. John Lewis
  Meek is voting for the supplemental. I told the aide that we will not be supporting him for senator next year Rep. Kendrick Meek
Connie Tammy Baldwin voted "no" before and intends to vote "no" once more. Rep. Tammy Baldwin
Robert Called Donna Edwards. Staffer would not confirm position but thinks she’s in favor of passing supplemental. Rep. Donna Edwards
Larue Receptionist took my call, I explained purpose of call, she said Mz. Matsui had voted NO previously on supplementals, and would likely do so this time. I then left a message for Sam? legislative aide to Mz. Matsui, to encourage a no vote for THIS supplemental. Generally, I think Mz. Matsui is voting against it. Rep. Doris Matsui
Virginia Jay Inslee’s office says he is against HR 2346 a supplimental appropriations act and also the Graham-lieberman Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act of 2009 blocking release of detainee photos. Rep. Jay Inslee
Karen Rep. Kendrick Meek’s assistant said yes, Meek favors bailing out the European banks. Sent me to voice mail when I asked if Rep Meek favored over-riding the Freedom of Information Act. Rep. Kendrick Meek
Toby I called over 25 congressperson’s offices in DC yesterday. Only Pete Stark’s staff person was willing to confirm that he would continue to vote no on the supplemental bill Pete Stark
Joyce I spoke to the assistants of the stated congressional members. The Berman amendment of the bill was being voted on as I spoke at 5:00 p.m. central time. A conference report is to be heard tomorrow morning on HR 2346.

I expressed my opposition to HR 2346 and said I was entirely for the public option of the Health Care reform program. We could not pay for the public option with trillions going to Afghanistan.

Peter DeFazio – against the IMF provision. For the supplemental. Will know more after the conference report.

Donna Edwards – could not find out anything.

Ed Markey – would not say, just took my comment.

James McDermott – a pacifist and my assumption then is he opposes the bill.

Jared Polis – don’t know.

Mary Cohen: person said "OK" Edwards: asked for my name & asked if I was a constituent (no). Frank: asked where I was calling from (CA), said he would pass along the message, & said thank you. Jackson-Lee: asked for my zip & said thank you Lofgren: asked where I was calling from & said thank you Speier: asked for my name & address, said she’d let her know my views  
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