Californians Against Hate have twice had their representatives go by the Princeton, New Jersey offices of the National Organization for Marriage to get copies of NOM’s IRS 990 reports, to no avail.

NOM is required by federal law to have these available for public view.  FWIW, in addition to having reps drop by, two certified letters have already been sent to the NOM office from CAH:

To no avail.Under IRS rules, failure to respond brings fines of $20 per day up to $10,000 per committee until the financial disclosures are made public.

In other words … Peanuts.

And as fun as this was …

… what we need now is for those of you living in or near Princeton, NJ to drop in and personally request to see the Form 990s that should rightfully be available for you to see:

National Organization for Marriage

20 Nassau Street, Suite 242

Princeton, NJ 08542

Phone: (609) 688-0450

Fax: (888) 894-3604

Months have passed without any movement on this from the IRS, so it’s time to step it up.  As fun as it’s been to mock NOM, unless we figure out a way to enforce their adherence to the same rules that the rest of us live and work by every day in this contest, they will – win or lose – be having a last laugh at our expense … unless we somehow succeed in our quest to be shown the Form 990s that we all have every right to see.




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