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Video: Great-Grandmother Tasered By Travis County TX Deputy

Texas deputies are now apparently Tasering just about anyone who sasses them back during a trqaffic stop.

Word to the wise: daring the cop to Taser you is now enough for them to oblige.

Good to know…

A traffic stop for speeding in Travis County, Texas, led to the Tasering of a 72-year-old great-grandmother by a deputy. Feisty Kathryn Winkfein apparently so frightened the law-enforcement officer when she “used some profanity” and “got violent” that he felt it necessary to subdue her with a potentially dangerous jolt of electricity.

Winkfein was reportedly doing 60 in a construction zone where the posted speed limit was 45 when she was pulled over. She was ticketed but declined to sign the ticket, leading the police officer to place her under arrest lest civilization collapse for want of the surrender of a penny’s worth of ink.

Given that the speeding ticket had already been issued, it’s also difficult to understand what purpose was served by prolonging the encounter and demanding a signature.

Especially when the woman (half the officer’s size) is caught on tape repeatedly saying that she WOULD sign the ticket!

Here’s the first video including an interview with the dangerous 72 year old great-grandmother.


The dashcam video is imo very disturbing and below the fold.Here is the released dashcam video:

Damn right he’s facing a civil suit…

Guess I literally “missed a bullet”, when I took a similar highway speeding ticket, crumbled it up into a ball and threw it onto the floor of my car years ago!  

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