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GOP to Introduce Measure Repealing Medicare and Medicaid

orrin_hatch.thumbnail.jpgI have yet to see the official text of the bill, but it is clear that the GOP has decided that the four decade experiment called Medicare and Medicaid is over.

The headline on Orrin Hatch’s Press Release says it all: "HATCH AND REPUBLICAN FINANCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS IMPLORE OBAMA: NO GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE PLAN" (The shouting caps are Hatch’s, not mine.)

I can’t wait to see the details of the bill they will introduce to get the government out of the healthcare business. No Medicare. No Medicaid. No WIC. No support for clinics in rural areas. No VA hospitals. No military hospitals. And certainly no support for foreign hospitals and medical programs.

I’m sure the only holdup in submitting the bill is that the GOP can’t decide whose name should be listed as the chief sponsor on the bill to repeal all these programs. But for the good of the country, I’m sure they will put aside their personal egos and submit their bill soon.

After all, what could be more sacred than the bond between a patient and his/her insurance company’s accountants?

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