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The Gary and Larry Chronicles: Numerical Update Edition

After months of deadline failures, Gary says they’ve finally managed to print their Ref 71 petitions.  So now it’s time to revisit just how industrious Team Homophobia will have to be to collect the signatures of 120,577 fundraising targets voters in time to make the July 25, 2009 deadline.  The prospect for success is even more bleak than my first generous calculation indicated.Let’s use Gary’s handy Countdown to ReferenDUMB Failure clock to get us started.  Oh my, look at the time!  It flyeth by!  Because you’ve squandered so much of it pressing your aborted ballot language challenge and then incomprehensibly waited until the last minute to design the petition, there are only 47 days left.  That’s 1,120 hours.  

Dividing 1,120 hours into the needed signature total of 120,577, you must collect 108 signatures per hour, around the clock.  And that’s if each signature is valid.  Not bloody likely.  The Radical-Right fringe has a terrible record of petition fraud.  To collect the 150,000 signatures recommended to make up for the fakes and forgeries, you’ll have to increase the non-stop hourly take to 134 signatures.

Whoa, wait!!  Gary Randall just deposited this yard apple on the Ref 71 website he confusingly and wastefully set up in parallel to the official Protect Marriage Washington campaign site (just how incompetent is Larry Stickney anyways, that you have to keep doing his work for him Gary?):

Timeline:  We need to collect the petitions in our office by mid-July. Notice the clock on this webpage to your right. We will update the exact date later.

So you’re shortening the deadline by 10 days to July 15th?  That means you only have 880 hours left, which translates into 137 (170 for the safety margin) signatures per hour collected ’round the clock.

Yeah, uh, that’s doable.  And you really want us to believe that you’re not in it for the new list of likely GOP base names and the nifty donations?  Yeah, ya got me convinced.  Now why won’t my eyes stop rolling?

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer