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Rush Bites Corporate Hand

Maybe it’s merely Rush Limbaugh’s temper tantrum, but his current call for boycotting General Motors, seems to me, should give Comcast and all his advertisers serious pause.

Everyone knows about the Magic $400 million…Rush’s contract. Comcast’s ditch.

But not content to thrash around attempting to discredit President Obama’s economic policies or SCOTUS appointment or…hmmmm, has he turned on Bo yet?…Rush more and more is attacking his own.

He wants Obama to fail. But if Obama fails, the country fails.

He wants everybody to boycott GM. And if GM fails, jobs and small businesses by the thousands fail.

Rush didn’t get his way in the last election. He’s ranting and fuming and bouncing up and down, fat globules following. Wanting his enemies to fail, wanting his friends to fail, wanting everybody to fail. Joining him in his twisted, self-destructive little world that all the glittery dollars and Gulfstreams cannot put a polish on.

Maybe in the boardrooms and marketing depts of major corporations they’re having a good laugh at the way Rush is stickin’ it to the Dems and Obama.

Or maybe, finally, they’re starting to say, hey, wait a minute…what if he started talking like that about…us?
[h/t Niemoller]
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