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Red State Targets Blue Dogs Who Vote for IMF Bailout

blue-masters-voice.thumbnail.jpgErick Erickson and Red State are targeting Blue Dogs who vote for the IMF bailout:

It is bad enough that we’re bailing out domestic banks. Barack Obama now wants to bail out European banks via funding for the International Monetary Fund (”IMF”).


The Blue Dog Democrats are being forced to vote for it by Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi, but the pressure is only just mounting. If we mount pressure now by calling them and pinning them down, they’ll most likely change their mind and side with the GOP. There are enough of them to kill it.

Blue Dogs don’t generally care what liberals think. It will be interesting to see if they care about Republicans in their own districts, who stand to reap the benefits of their votes. As Howie Klein notes, it was wholesale slaughter in the European elections for parties that supported the bank bailouts yesterday — extreme conservatives scored huge victories against them.

The Blue Dogs are especially vulnerable to this dynamic. By forcing them to heel on this bill, Rahm is writing their 2010 GOP attack ads — "Voted for $100 billion bailout of European Banks." That ought to go over well.

It will take 39 Democrats to defeat the bill, and 12 have already committed to vote "no."

Your move, Rahm.


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Jane Hamsher

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