Toby Wollin -Aunt Toby- often posts diaries about food and gardening,etc.

Saw this "Food,Inc." producer interview and thought how cool Aunt toby’s posts have been in view of ‘where our food comes from’.

Lot’s of good links on the page and urge everyone to view the 20 odd minute interview (unfortunately, no transcript)



Jobs I've had: mowing lawns,delivering newspapers,Bedding deliveryman, short order cook,vietnam vet,bookkeeeper in Fulton Fish Market,merchandiser/asst. buyer in Garment District,Womens shoe store salesman and asst.mgr.,wholesale egg delivery man,telephone company phone booth and car washer,taxi driver,mud carrier for bricklayers, college student,radio/tv repair training, fm disc jockey, dealer,Vegas bartender,registered commodity representative(broker and mgr.),programmer,systems programmer,systems engineer,pre and post sales engineer,computer admin, computer systems support,notary public and probably a couple of other jobs I've forgotten.

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