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Rahm’s Whipping on the Afghanistan War Supplemental — Will You?

emanuel.thumbnail.jpgRahm Emanuel is exerting pressure on progressive members of Congress to switch their votes and help pass the supplemental bill. The bill would not only fund the war in Afghanistan, it would also include IMF funding and the Graham-Lieberman amendment, which allows the administration to block the release of detainee photos in response to FOIA requests.

If 39 Democrats commit to vote against the supplemental, it won’t pass.

For once, the votes of progressive members of Congress actually matter when it comes to funding the war. But they are being heavily pressured by Democratic leadership to toe the line.

Call members of Congress and tell them to vote against the bill.

Our whip list includes Democrats who voted against the supplemental the first time, those who have expressed reservations about the IMF funding, and also those who don’t want to see Lieberman’s hideous amendment pass.

We could actually win this one.

You can find the Whip List here, which includes phone numbers and the place to let us know what you learn.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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