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HRC advised Congress NOT to act on DADT

Per JoeMyGod comes this appalling story.  Both Jason Bellini and Mike Signorile have reported on it.  HRC is denying it, of course, but with two well-respected gay journalists reporting on it and insisting their sources are reliable, it has to be taken seriously.  

The full story at JMG is here:…

I’ve been critical of HRC for a long time now, as have more and more LGBT people.  I think they’re a lot more concerned with telling the Democratic leadership what it wants to hear than they are with promoting LGBT equality (especially not T).  If this report pans out, it will be one more BIG nail in their corporate coffin.

This story has me angrier than anything I’ve heard in a long time.  If HRC actually gave this advice to Congress, just imagine what they’ve told the Obama White House.

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