Pre-Friday Random Ten

New additions this week include a new Eels, Rancid, and Diane Birch (who, depending on who is talking about her, sounds like Carole King/Stevie Nicks/Norah Jones/Amy Winehouse/Duffy/Patsy Cline and every other female singer of the past fifty years. I hear some Laura Nyro and definitely Carole King. Whatever. Well worth the price of admission). Also new this week is some old New Pornographers, Golden Smog, Beck, and Paul Weller.

No current threats of Creed playing San Diego, but Ticketmaster sent me an email saying Nickleback is coming to town.

Thanks, Ticketmaster.



The Mission / The Falls (Yo-Yo Ma Plays Morricone) – Yo-Yo Ma
Night Passage – Joe Zawinul
Connection – Elastica
Cowgirl In The Sand – Neil Young
Waiting For Heaven – Blake Babies
Revelator – Gillian Welch
Billie’s Bounce – Oscar Peterson
Bad Town – Operation Ivy
Pompeii – Sleater-Kinney
Pressed In A Book – The Shins

….and number eleventyseven:
Wishin’ and Hopin’ – Dusty Springfield, the only person that Diane Birch hasn’t been compared to. Yet.

Yes. The keyboards and style are reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s original Woodstock.

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