I drink your milquetoast

The other night Keith Olbermann called out the National Journal’s resident douchebag Stuart Taylor for, well, being a douchebag, and today Stuart responds in that "I hear some nobody was talking shit about me and I couldn’t care less….. but, since I brought it up, here is my response to that thing that doesn’t deserve a response because I’m totally above it all" tone of voice that we normally associate with Jonah Goldberg when the universe laughs at him.

Of the nitpicks:

Olbermann claimed that Sotomayor’s 1974 letter was "milquetoast and accurate" in complaining "about the lack of opportunities for Hispanics at her school."

False again. "Milquetoast?" Sotomayor’s language — which Olbermann carefully avoided quoting — made Princeton sound a bit like a genocidal dictatorship. She accused the school of "institutional discrimination," of "total absence of regard, concern and respect for an entire people and their culture," and of "an attempt — a successful attempt so far — to relegate an important cultural sector of the population to oblivion."

So, for those keeping score at home, Sotomayor called the administration at Princeton a bunch of fucking Nazis and, therefore,  her failure to understand  Godwin’s Law (see GODWIN v. USENET [07-1601] ) means she’s an intemperate bitch whose seat on the Supreme Court should be filled by a nice white Catholic boy who knows how to keep his fucking mouth shut.

Q.E.D.  Case closed. In your face. Suck it.

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