msnbc = “(m)ust (s)how (n)othing (b)ut (c)heney”?

we swear, there’s more dick on tv now than when he was vice president.

cheney the elder has been hogging the spotlight for many days now, w/dueling speeches (vs. obama) on security, q&a @ the nat’l press club and a faux news appearance w/his daughter liz.

we are all for freedom of speech as well as reforming one’s reputation. but we have to ask, why all this fuss over what dick thinks?

there are roughly 300 million people in america (we’re using nice, round figures for the purpose of this exercise). and to be brutually honest, only about half of those people who were eligible voted in the last election (appx. 122 mill).

recent polls have shown that barely one out of five people declare themselves to be republican. ergo, one-fifth of those who voted would tally (roughly, and we emphasize this word) around 25 million people that were republicans.

still further, a recent cnn poll showed that only 66% of republicans (the people one would expect would support him the most) approve of dick cheney.

and 66% of 25 million is roughly (there’s that word again) 16,500,000.

that’s right. 16 and a half million represents the number of people that, in our opinion, are the people who care about what dick cheney thinks.

16.5 mill out of the original 300 million populous…that’s about 5.5%. or, rounding up (because it’s hard to have half a person) about 6 out of every hundred americans give a good rat’s ass what dick cheney thinks.

so why is he on our tv’s so much?

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