I’m not quite sure why Blitzer decided he had to preface this clip with the caution that it was "disturbing." I’m disturbed by freaks with plastic fetuses demagoguing abortion for the benefit of little kids and people in Iraq having limbs blown off, but I sort of figure that’s what I’m getting when I turn on the news.

We can’t have a real conversation about the predicament of women seeking third term abortions because it’s "icky." Opponents have decided it’s just the result of promiscuous hippies suddenly bored with the idea of pregnancy in the middle of the 7th month, and that’s the story that carries the day because nobody wants to talk about what really happens.

Just remember that when you hear about polling that shows how Americans "feel" about abortion. Our elite media doesn’t want to talk about the icky truth of what it’s like to have a non-viable pregnancy, and people are left to draw their conclusions from the limitless airtime given to the well-funded "baby killer" fetishests who have zero interest in what these women really go through.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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