When I was young, I was beset by styes and boils and acne, too. The considered opinon in our day (at least as valid as what impresses Oprah today) blamed the trouble twins: chocolate and lust. And now they tell me hunger was a more likely candidate.

I consumed one to two loaves of Wonder bread daily, and I have read recently that refined flour may very well unleash insulins which roil into boils. (My Lady suggests this may be just more Oprahype.)

But the point was, I brought about my own troubles without knowing it. (Had we been in a higher social bracket, maybe I wouldn’t have been so hungry all the day long. Blame it on social class.)

I want to really celebrate the election of an honest and intelligent leader in President Obama. For it seems he recognizes the insulin running amuck in our body politic.

To recap, for those of you have not yet read the article posted in a foreign paper or the book of the same title and theme, the Muslim hordes are not really mad at us because "they hate our freedoms." For those who are capable of a more nuanced view of international facts and factors, this outline might be useful.

Not Israel, exactly, but the right wing, Likud, has a death grip on our collective national identity. Support for every military movement in that land is expected from any politician throughout ours. The Midland Midget was not aware of the power of AIPAC, so he suggested early in his term that perhaps the settlements in the West Bank might be curtailed. Silly boy.

He was swamped by mail, from members of Congress, from outraged citizens, and he pulled a Nancy*. From then on, it was only cheerleading from DC, which enabled Israel to defy the entire world in expanding their domain at the expense of others.

And the US was not only a passive audience to the imperialist activity. You remember along about the spring of 2003 when we were engaged against the Taliban and al Quida in Tora Bora? And we disengaged in order to pursue greater threats to Israel in Iraq, and, they hoped, Iran? This was at the behest of the neocons, who are simply unregistered lobbyists for Likud. And we had a cretin cowboy decider who saw himself as a vicarious vanquisher of the Black Bart of our era.

Most policy choices taken in America come about due to an organized and well-funded minority opinion and no sandbagged opposition. Nobody seems to care about the vast traffic in firearms as much as the gunuts who buy politicians to insure it continues. Marijuana is not a deadly drug like tobacco but it lacks an R J Reynolds to declare that simple fact. And hatred of America by a billion Muslims translates into very real danger for citizens of our benighted nation, and finally we have someone in control with the courage and the discipline and the honesty to say so. Give our leader credit, and give us credit for finally electing one.

How the Garden Grows

*In an episode now lost to history, Nancy Reagon, the Anti-Drug First Lady, who ever wailed to the poor kids of our land beset at all hands by drug dealers how they must withstand peer pressure forever and Say No To Drugs, lent her name to an anti-drug organization very soon after she and the Gipper left the White House. In the natural course of events, a pro-weed contingent set about picketing the Reagan retirement mansion. Whereupon Nancy turned tail and not only withdrew her name from the anti-drug movement but threatened to file suit were they not to expunge all record of her particitpation with them.



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