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Having Your Strychnine & Eating It.

As some Blenders may know, the British political system has entered full meltdown mode, with both Labour and the Tories embroiled in multiple scandals. This has been wonderful for many of the smaller parties, notably UKIP and the BNP (bad) and the Greens (good). An impending Cabinet reshuffle has already seen the much-reviled Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith resign rather than face the ignominy of a well-deserved boot; already the reshuffle is being likened to a combination of rats leaving a sinking ship and rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

Unfortunately what at first seemed to be the Carpathia steaming over the horizon has turned out to be the Bismark.

I’d like to say that Cameron’s latest political move shocked me however it would appear that, having lived under Blair and Brown for twelve years now, I have grown somewhat cynical. Cameron’s unerring self-promotion as the “New Blair” hasn’t helped this; nor has Blair’s litany of two-faced politicking and continual spinning of unwelcome facts and figures into something that more typically resembled an exposition of Dadaism than anything like the truth. Consequently Cameron’s latest move hasn’t left me overly flabbergasted, but merely ensured that the prospect of a Tory government next year (which despite the metl-down still seems plausible) has me shitting rather more bricks than I had been previously.

Over the last couple of years Cameron has been actively wooing the UK’s minority communities, especially LGBTs – unlike the GOP I think he’s recognised where the political winds are blowing. Yet for some obscure reason he’s withdrawing the Tories from Europe’s dominant political grouping, the centre-right EPP-ED, and forming a new alliance with some of the most abhorrent far-right (and in many cases catastrophically unsuccessful) political parties in Europe.

A Spanish political party previously aligned with some of the most extreme rightwing parties in Europe and backed by Blas Piñar, a leading apologist for former dictator Francisco Franco, has allied itself with the British Conservative party.

Guardian ‘Conservatives woo far right ally in Spain’

Global warming is a lie, homosexuality is a “pathology” and Europe is becoming a “neo-totalitarian” regime, according to one of David Cameron’s new European allies.

Tory headquarters may never have heard of Urszula Krupa, a militant Roman Catholic and strong Polish nationalist, but at the weekend in Warsaw, Cameron sealed his new alliance in Europe with Krupa’s rightwing party in Poland, the opposition Law and Justice party (PiS) run by twin brothers Jaroslaw and Lech Kaczy´nski.

Paranoia towards the outside world, ingrained prejudice and discrimination towards homosexuals, fundamentalist Roman Catholicism, climate change denial and hostility towards Germany are some of the views espoused by the Kaczy´nskis’ party, which is out of sync with a dynamic, modernising Poland where 80% of people like the EU.

Krupa and several of her likeminded colleagues wrote an open letter to Polish voters ahead of this week’s election.

“We protest against the rising wave of anti-Polishness and the falsifying of history in Europe,” they wrote. Homosexuality was a “pathology” undermining the sanctity of the family. Christianity was the root of European greatness. “We will not tolerate the Germanisation of western and northern Polish territories under the mask of Europeanisation.”

In the Czech Republic, Topolánek has just been toppled as prime minister and his ODS will also probably lose the election. The party’s founder and Topolánek’s enemy, President Václav Klaus, is Europe’s leading climate change denier and views the European Union as synonymous with the Soviet Union. Brussels is the new Moscow.

The other four parties slated to join the Tories’ new Eurosceptic caucus are tiny and may or may not be in a position to redeem their pledge. In Bulgaria the new Order, Law and Justice party is mustering just over 2% in the national polls. In Latvia, two prospective allies, the Civic Union and the hardline nationalists of the For Fatherland and Freedom party – some of whom celebrate Latvian collaboration with the Waffen-SS against the Russians – are tipped to lose three of their four seats. In Belgium, the partner is the List Dedecker, a small outfit of libertarian Flemish separatists which might get two seats and 7% of the vote in the Flanders half of the country.

Guardian ‘Anti-gay, climate change deniers: meet David Cameron’s new friends’

I’d really like to see how Cameron spins this one. On the one hand he’s setting himself up as the new liberal, while on the other he’s getting into bed with some of the most repellent creatures this continent’s politics has produced just recently.

The most worrying thing about all this is that, other than the guardian, none of the British mainstream media are covering this at all. A major British political party is forging alliance with a bunch who are slightly to the left of Hitler and no-one is talking about it. Their silence is so deafening (or Labour’s self-immolation so loud) that a recent poll of gay Britons has the Tories enjoying a ten-point lead over Labour, 39% to 29%. Yes, that’s the gay vote.

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