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Bush Duplicitous, Deceitful, Dangerous to Global Stability


Yeah, I know, so not breaking news. . . but this kind of is:

JERUSALEM — Senior Israeli officials expressed irritation on Wednesday that President Obama had declined to acknowledge what they called clear understandings with the Bush administration that allowed Israel to build West Bank settlement housing within certain guidelines while still publicly claiming to honor a settlement “freeze.”

The Israeli officials acknowledged that the new American administration had different ideas about the meaning of the term “settlement freeze.” Both Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have said in the past week that the term meant an end to all building, including natural growth.

But they complained that Mr. Obama had not granted that the previous understandings existed. Instead, they lamented, Israel stood now accused of having cheated and dissembled in its settlement activity whereas, in fact, it had largely lived within the guidelines to which both governments had agreed.

So, let’s get this right: Bush engaged in secret negotiations with Israel that basically stuck a thumb in the eye of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and left Israel swinging in the wind, and this is defined as Obama’s problem HOW exactly?

Mind you, this latest revelation follows hard on the heels of this other tidbit of news, in which Cheney confessed that BushCo punted GM’s bankruptcy into the Obama administration’s lap while passing the bucks, and I mean BIG bucks, to their cronies in that $17.4 billion bailout last year.

I have to admit that the novelty of saying "I told you so" wore off a long time ago.

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