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Stop Bashing Starbucks

Starbucks-bashing makes NO sense to me. NONE at all!

Our son is a Starbucks employee. Our son lives just around the corner from his workplace. So do his co-workers. So does the manager of the branch. They know their neighbors. Their neighbors know them and enjoy lasting friendships and caring feelings all around.

Many Starbucks employees, including our son, are part-timers BY THEIR OWN CHOICE, and for compelling, sensible reasons. Starbucks cares enough about their employees to offer excellent health care coverage for both employee AND domestic partner, as long as the employee works at least half time. No ifs, ands, or buts. It’s true. I know. This experience is our own, in our own family.

The reasons many Starbucks employees work only half time are varied, but certainly not dictated by the company. Rather, this is the case because MANY of the employees use their Starbucks job to put food on their table and get that guaranteed health coverage option for their family while the employee uses the extremely flexible scheduling policies simultaneously to pursue other dreams and aspirations.

Our son is a good example. He’s a gifted classical musician, holding two Principal positions in regional symphony orchestras, subbing often in others, and performing in numerous recitals, educational programs for school children, and the like. He cannot live on the music income alone at this point in his career, but he CAN afford to live and strive for that dream job in classical music, THANKS TO THE OPPORTUNITY STARBUCK’s OFFERS with its health care coverage, income, and EXTREMELY flexible scheduling of work-hours.

I am disgusted by some very nefarious negative forces out there who appear determined to hurt a perfectly decent company with a deliberate campaign of misinformation.

If you, or people you know, have found yourselves tempted to join in smears aimed at Starbucks, please stop, think, and refrain. If you have indulged in the past, for reasons I can only think you must neither understand nor appreciate, you may be being duped, “used”, by a totally unfair attack.

PLEASE. STOP. BASHING. STARBUCKS! It is wrong-headed, grossly unfair, and downright dangerous in today’s stressful times.

Go ahead and enjoy that latte with a clear conscience, so long as you put down your phone for a second and take the trouble to wish your server a good day in response to his or her greeting to you. You might find you have a lot in common and, btw, there’s no harm in returning a smile.

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