Thanks, Bob Corker:

SPRING HILL, Tennessee (CNN) — General Motors idled it Spring Hill, Tennessee, facility as part of its bankruptcy plan Monday, leaving hundreds of employees — and thousands of residents who rely on the plant’s economic thrust — in limbo.

Spring Hill, about 35 miles south of Nashville, is a town built on the jobs that the plant provides. The town has seen its population jump more than 1,600 percent in the almost 20 years since GM sent the first Saturn down the assembly line in June 1990.

Along with Shelby and DeMint, Corker made "Union" a four letter word during the auto hearings.

The UAW is sitting on $1.2 billion in assets. They spent none of that money when the spotlight was on labor during the bailout discussion, when they could have made a powerful argument about the need for universal health care and the competitive advantage foreign automakers have on that front. They stood by idly while anti-EFCA forces swarmed the issue and set labor back 20 years.

The least they could do is pledge a couple million to making the lives of Corker et al. miserable, and Spring Hill, Tennessee would be a great place to start.

(via Atrios)

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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