un-common since


“Common-sense” is NOT ubiquitous; not generic or the opinion of the average person. The natural meaning of a situation is anti-elite because the truth is not twisted to promote an agenda contrary to regular folks principals.

An old man (appearing to be alert) at an informal discussion group, at a coffee shop I occasionally patronize says; he was present personally during the last few years of Hitler’s rein in Germany. When I attempted to engage (May 2009) him in a conversation about current government controls on banking and commerce, he refused.

Liberals are not hypocrites. Their double-standard behavior, conservative versus liberal, has been established in fact by empirical evidence. However, you must have principals to be hypocritical.

Conservatives have learned to expect personal adhominem attacks from liberals. I value my detractors, many years were expended to cultivate my enemies and I don’t want to start over.

PC acolytes are hostile with those who disagree; because their dysfunctional destructive co-dependent relationship with sociopathic PC elites creates a break with reality, verifiable with factual empirical evidence.


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