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Franken-Coleman Update, 06/01/09: The Glorious First of June

First, there was the election.  Then, there was the recount.  Then, the legal contest.  Then, the appeal of the ruling in the legal contest.  

Now, nearly seven months after the ballots were cast, it all comes down to this:  The Minnesota Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in the appeal by Norm Coleman of the ruling handed down by the three-judge panel that made up the Election Contest Court.  That ruling upheld and confirmed the results of the recount than Al Franken won and Norm Coleman lost — a recount that Coleman tried to stop even though it was mandated by state law.

You can watch the whole thing live, starting at 8:30 am Central Daylight Time, at The UpTake

UPDATE: 9:15 am CDT — From the UpTake’s live blog:  "Logie:  For those just arriving: Justices essentially say, ‘Why is Coleman’s case so crappy?’" 

UPDATE:  10:23 am CDT — Well, it’s done.  The UpTake counted up the number of questions that were asked by the Justices to each side.   The reason: In the US Supreme Court, a study has shown that the more questions Justices ask of a side, the more likely a side will lose.   (The UpTake didn’t count the questions asked during Norm’s rebuttal.)  Final count:  Coleman 26, Franken 18.  Furthermore, the judges were at times quoting from Team Franken briefs.   I think we know where this is going.

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