This Court Is In Session Baby

A Pentagon employee named Patrick Devenny — I think he’s this guy who used to write for the American Spectator but am unsure — put up a provocative piece in Foreign Policy on Friday about outgoverning the Taliban in Afghanistan. His specific proposal is to co-opt the Taliban’s religious-court system for grievance adjudication given both the pressing need for dispensing justice for Afghans and the slow pace of expansion for the formal Afghan judicial system. I defer to Josh on the merits of the proposal. But Devenny’s broader point is about asking ourselves what the Taliban do right in terms of governance, with "right" defined — and here I’m taking his argument a bit further than he does — as an "effective method of social organization possessing popular legitimacy and support." And that’s a valuable and often discomforting thing to confront. 

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman