George Tiller was murdered outside his Wichita church this morning. This is what it means to be pro-life?

Update: A few minutes ago, Teresa Kopec tweeted this:

Tiller killer on run. Police looking 4 a 90’s era light blue Ford Taurus with Kansas tags. Registered in Merriam, Ks. Tags: 225-BAB #tiller

Update 2: Ann Friedman:

I am also worried about what Tiller’s murder means for women in Kansas and elsewhere in the country who need the services that he provided. The simple fact is there are almost no doctors who provide late-term abortions, especially in rural parts of the country. I was in Nebraska several years ago to interview Dr. Leroy Carhart (whose challenges to abortion-restricting laws went all the way to the Supreme Court), and Carhart and Tiller were the only two late-term providers in their region. If one wanted to go on vacation or got sick, the other had to fill in. There was no one else. Perhaps it would be a fitting memorial to Dr. Tiller to contribute to Medical Students for Choice, and encourage more doctors with a deep commitment to reproductive rights to become abortion providers.

Update 3: Amanda Marcotte makes a very important point:

[D]espite the ongoing threat of violence, [Tiller] continued to work diligently to provide abortion services to women who are often in the worst possible situation, facing down the termination of a pregnancy that was being eagerly planned for, until things went terribly wrong. If a woman has a later term therapeutic abortion—be it because it was a wanted pregnancy, she has serious mental health issues, or she is a child victim of rape—it’s rarely easy on her mentally or physically.  Dr. Tiller’s clinic was renowned for the thoughtful patient support to help women get through what is a very difficult time—counseling, support groups, religious services for the lost baby if you desire.  

My emphasis. 

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman