Okay, to make it clear, I’m (sort of) conservative. So my mocking this video is very much in sorrow rather than, etc:

But there are no words to describe how awful this thing is. One example:  about 30 seconds after praising women who aren’t feminist, they go:

"Superman that socialism/ Waterboard that terrorism WOAH!"

 And this is the face of angry, talented young conservatism.  Of course, these are two college-aged kids, but all political movements are shaped by their young, fiery supporters who go out, knock on doors, and tell people why they should vote for someone or other. These are the voices that either build bonds, or scare people. 

Look, maybe their passions will moderate, but what scares me far more is that this is where people who used to believe that "Ideas have consequences"  now see no deep rhetorical contradiction in traditional values being defending by Soulja Boy’s favorite move. It’s not the contradiction, it’s the lack of irony  that freaks me out. 

(H/T boingboing)  

Dave Kasten

Dave Kasten

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