This is an interesting video of Olson and Boies.  They back up everything most of us have been saying for quite a while.  A person’s Civil Rights should never be put up to the popular vote.

I know many have commented about Ted Olson doing this to sabotage marriage equality movement and momentum that has taken place.  I take the man at his words as he is teamed up with David Boies.

More after the jump,  I also have noticed that many LGBT people and supporters believe this is the wrong time for a SCOTUS case involving marriage equality.  I disagree 100% and here is why;

#1  I believe this needs to be challenged now as Ted Olson even says Civil Rights should never be put up to a popular vote.  It doesn’t matter what the make-up of the court looks like.  This is one of the founding principles of our government.

#2  Both Boies and Olson explain the scenario of Loving vs. Virginia,  Just because the majority views something unpopular doesn’t make discrimination valid.  He also cites that over 70% of the population were against inter racial marriage.

#3  Even if the opposition wants to inject religious reasons for denying marriage equality, they will be laughed out of court as there is a separation of Church and State.  Even though Olson doesn’t say ‘sin’ he does say what people don’t like.

#4  They both directly invoke the 14th amendment and make a good argument in less than 5 minutes in this video.

#5  The direct argument Ted Olson makes using the word ‘citizen’ to the same bull shit the religious right applies to the word ‘marriage’.

I have been saying for a long time, when the issue of marriage equality is put up to an honest debate, this is a winning issue.  All the Man on Dog garbage will go to the wayside as all it is is psycho babble.

And I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing,’we have to wait because people aren’t ready to accept LGBT citizens as equals, or the make-up of the court doesn’t look good for our side.  When we have the truth on our side, the time is now.  The court would have to do a lot of dancing to rule against us unless we use the same Bull Shit arguments like the Attorney General’s Office did when arguing prop H8 in California.