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The Definition of Marriage – NC style

 Here is the teaser for the story that ran tonight on the local WRAL news.  You can hear what myself & husband said & thought about marriage equality & the progress being made in North Carolina as well as a straight couple that opposes equality  (apparently they actually had a really hard time finding such a couple willing to speak about their conviction on air)



More Details about this & the recent & upcoming Prop 8 Protests in NC after the jump.

 Gay marriage debate not simple

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Raleigh, N.C. — The Gellar-Goads were neighbors at North Carolina State University when they met in 2003. The two hit it off, started dating, and as their relationship got serious, they began talking about tying the knot.

In 2007, the two were engaged over tiramisu at their favorite restaurant – they never finished dessert, they were so happy. In March, they married.



The rest can be read here (including video, slide shows, & longer versions of the interview that weren't aried): 


Thats the text version of the story they just aired.  All credit for it goes to Amanda Lamb & WRAL.  I think Amanda Lamb who interviewed us did a terrific job putting the story together, and hopefully it'll help progress the dialogue in NC about equality especially with things like the bullying bill & the sex ed bills being in the air right now.  I also liked that the piece pointed out NC is the only state in the south without a marriage equality constitutional ban, I think that is something we North Carolinians should be very proud of.

And as promised here are a few pics from the prop 8 protests in NC.  It was a last minute thing so we didn't get many people or pics, but a friend in Greensboro told me he was inspired to host his own protest this weekend after I did mine.   Here are the details for his event:

Saturday, June 6, 2009
1:00pm – 5:00pm
Greensboro's Governmental Plaza (In front of the cop/kid statue)
Washington Street
Greensboro, NC



I thought in front of a court house was an appropriately symbolic place to hold the protest. 


(I'm on the far right, & that is my husband in the middle)

All in all I hope I'm helping to contribute positively to the discussion of marriage equality in NC, and I was a very proud father when my cat got in on the TV action!

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Jake Gellar-Goad

Jake Gellar-Goad


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