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RedState’s Erick Erickson Compares Rush Limbaugh to Jesus Christ

Saint Rush

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That’s right. Jesus. Christ.

Peter, under pressure and fear, denied Christ not just once, but three times. Peter, though, feared death. The strain on Peter was great. The rest of us, though, typically fear the opinions of others.

The incidents of late with Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Dick Cheney, and others is why I raise this. Putting it bluntly, were these guys on the left, their fellow leftists would at best be cheering them on and at worst silently nodding along. There wouldn’t be any on that side rushing to the nearest microphone to condemn them.

It gets much worse.

The vultures in our mist are typically the ones squawking loudest about other conservatives instead of the leftists out to destroy the country.

As Rush Limbaugh says, we should always play on offense. The moment the left gets us to start wringing our hands over one of our own is the moment they advance.

Truly, a twisted little masterpiece of everything that’s wrong with the conservative movement: Christianism, authoritarianism, dehumanization of "enemies", pathological paranoia, the framing of political disagreements as "war", the insistence on party purity and obedience — it’s all there.

And remember, this guy was invited to the Bush White House (h/t TS).


Even GOP 12 is freaked out by this post.

Way over the top…His overall point is taken, but it’s not clear why he has to resort to impugning opponents of Rush et al with some kind of form of Christ-denying.

Ya think?

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