Negro president locks Republican car dealers in the trunk

Barack Obama is like a black widow spider except for that widow part

In Eric Boehlert’s Bloggers On The Bus, he includes an excellent chapter describing how liberal and progressive bloggers spent their time working to elect Barack Obama (you know…the President? It was in all of the papers) while conservative bloggers, faced with a  Old Man Who Yells At Clouds/Bible Spice ticket, spent their time chasing down bizarre consiracy theories like the "whitey tape", "Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s books", "Michelle Obama’s $450 room service tab", and, of course "Birthcertificategate", a zombie that still walks the earth in search of brains.

So, while real world stuff is being taken care of by people who live in the real world,  I am pleased to see the un-housebroken puppies of the right are continuing to chase after dust motes and  moving shadows on the wall. Of course there are those who know that this is all a waste of time and in many ways they’re stupider than their conspiracy-besotted brethren because they can’t help themselves:

 The only way to even get the MSM to do their jobs and take a look is to pressure them by claiming Worst Scandal Eveh, even if we don’t all necessarily buy that. But we have to claim that in order to spur any sort of media interest whatsoever. (That interest, of course, coming in the form of stories like Conservatives Now So Crazy They Think Obama Is Closing Chrysler Dealerships for Political Advantage, which isn’t exactly the headline we seek, but that’s the best we can hope for from the MSM.)

Because nothing garners the respect and attention of the MSM more than frantically waving your hands around and claiming that you’ve been kidnapped and anally-probed by spiders from Mars.

Okay. The New York Post would pay attention, but my point still stands…

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