Apparently, as per The Poolittlecoo, "Some Democrats" are Very, Very Concerned over Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Controversial Racial Remarks about Race. "Some Democrats" are, you know, for all their Very Serious Concerns, very, very silly people.

Some Democrats and political analysts are urging the White House to shift course and concede that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor made an error when she suggested in 2001 that Hispanic women would make better judges than white men.

“She misspoke,” said Lanny Davis, a White House lawyer and spokesman for President Bill Clinton. “Every day that goes by that they don’t say she misspoke and she used the wrong words … they just feed it and give it life and give Rush [Limbaugh] and [Sean] Hannity more airtime unnecessarily.”

Oh good. Lanny Davis has an opinion on how Democrats should respond to political smears. This always works out well.

First: anybody who actually read the speech knows that Sotomayor did not misspeak. She made a good, legitimate point, one that nobody gave any shit to conservative justices for when they were going through confirmation.

Second: who cares about Hannity and Limbaugh? They’re clowns, and everyone knows it, except their moron disciples.

Third: Lanny Davis? Really? You’re fishing for crap from Lanny Davis? Hilarious. That’s like fishing for brown trout in the Gowanus Canal. What’s next, you’re going to quote somebody like Chris Lehane, who isn’t even an effective weasel? Hahahahahaha!

Oh. Wait.

Said Democratic strategist Chris Lehane: “In this day and age, six or seven or eight weeks is a long time to go without addressing an issue that can potentially take on a life of its own and evolve and grow.”

Lehane said the GOP attacks were “probably continuing the long-term self-destruction of the Republican Party.” However, he said allowing talk show hosts, blogs and cable shows to continue to fulminate about Sotomayor’s Berkeley comments was risky.

“You need to find ways to fill up the cup. … She undoubtedly has a very compelling narrative to provide some context but it has to get out there,” said Lehane, a former spokesman for Vice President Al Gore and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.).

This. Is. So. Stupid.

I guess though there will be always a niche market for Democrats arguing that the best way to Look Tough is to constantly apologize for "mistakes" that solely exist in the insane wingnut imagination. Nice gig you got there, Lanny.



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