From A to W — A Short Herstory of Rightwing Screeders

From Ann Coulter to Wendy Long, with a sidetrip via Liz Chee-knee and Laura Ingraham and all the other blondoids [yes, Monica Crowley, you are merely one of the other blondoids….] the right has inflicted on us in recent years, the prime unifying thread is their fast talking, overtalking screedarageousness against anything Democratic or liberal or progressive, or…may I finish??????…or American.

The rightwing has honed its blonde verbal bombthrowers to a fine edge over the years, using the tools of sexual subtext…flip that mane, sweetie pie…run those talons fingers through those oxidized locks…but just maybe the tide is turning.

I do believe I did actually hear Chris Matthews abruptly cut into Wendy Long’s filibuster of nonanswerousness on Hardball. Could it be the era of drooling idiot male anchorishism [with a strong emphasis on "ish"] has run its course?

Maybe there are Mrs. Matthewses and Mrs. Stephanopouli and company out there who have finally stamped their feet and said ferchrissake you look like a damn pussy-whipped pimply faced kid fool out there. Snap out of it!

Time will tell. Maybe these anchors feel they have to act the part of the yes, I’m gonna say it, hornier demographic of their audience.

But this red-headed gramma for one is going to say: enough already, guys. Shape up or get left behind. And wipe your chin.
crossposted at Prairie Sun Rising

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