Sotomayor lecturing Michelle Bachmann

Despite the fact that the wingnut brigades will be providing a target-rich environment of mock fodder over Sonia Sotomayor, I’m already burned out after a mere 36 hours. Therefore, I will leave the Sotomayor idiotgasm to more interested parties*.

As Kevin Drum put it:

We all know how this is going to play out. First, everyone is going to start looking for some dark secret in her background that will derail her nomination. That will probably fail. Then she’ll testify before the Senate, and everyone will ask what she thinks of Roe and Casey and Kelo. She’ll dutifully claim that she’s never even heard of these cases, and on the off chance that any of them ring a bell, she’ll sing the usual song about how it would be improper to say anything about any matter that might come before the court in the future. Which is everything. After a few weeks of this, all the Democrats and maybe a dozen or so Republicans will vote to confirm her and she’ll join the court in time for the fall term.

It’s all so tedious.


*Disregard this if it turns out that Sotomayer killed Vince Foster or if she cuts that bitch, Wendy Long. Then I’m back in. Also, anything that pops into my mind about Sotomayor will be on my twitter thingy. 140 space, bitches…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....