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“Statesman” Orrin Hatch: I’m a Cynical Horse-Trader, So Don’t Hold My Sotomayor Vote Against Me

Watch Orrin Hatch, the Villagers’ idea of an Elder Statesman of the GOP, try to weasel out of his 1998 vote in favor of confirming Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Second Circuit bench. Funny enough, Senator Hatch wasn’t singing that tune in 1992, when she first had to pass muster before the Senate to become a US District Court judge for the Southern Circuit of New York.

In fact, as the Salt Lake Tribune notes, he didn’t question her at all in either her 1992 or 1997 Senate confirmation hearings.

Why is Senator Hatch so voluble now? Why is he suddenly raising all sorts of weird objections he didn’t raise the last two times he voted on her? Remember, Orrin wasn’t just on the Judiciary Committee in 1998, he was its chair. You’d think he would have had occasion to say something back then, right?

So what’s with his attempts to rewrite his history on her? Is he afraid El Rushbo’s going to come over and sit on him?

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