I love being married. My better half and I have been together for nearly 27 years and are still going strong.
We’ve bought houses together, reared children together, gone through medical emergencies and financial hardships and–mostly–fun together. His job brings in the health insurance; mine makes the house payment.

We’re partners. And there is nothing, but nothing about our marriage that would be harmed or threatened if same-sex couples were allowed to marry in our home state of CA. Indeed, a bigger threat to our happiness is the fact that these men and women–our neighbors, colleagues and friends– are being forbidden the right to enjoy what we’ve been able to celebrate so freely.

During the last election, an infusion of out of state money and right-wing christian churches were able to strike fear in the hearts of a narrow majority. Today, the state Supreme Court upheld the initiative, but has also decided that same-sex marriages performed prior will be honored. Today, too, is the day we start the new fight to ensure that all adults share the right to share their lives and loves in marriage.

Here’s to marriage equality.

You can go here to sign a petition of support and to donate to fund the fight for marriage equality.

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Laura Doty

Laura Doty