24/7: Nebraskans for Health Care Reform

You hear it in the fields and the factories, from farmers and students and small business owners. It runs all the way from one end of our state to the other, and cuts across all party lines. Nebraskans want real health care reform, and they’re ready to demand action now.

This is an issue that truly affects us all, and everyone has their own story to tell. Today, our organization joins a broad coalition of statewide partners to present just a few of those stories.

These videos simply must be seen to be understood. The subjects may differ, the details may change, but the passion, the anger, and the hope for something better remains the same no matter who you ask. For many Nebraskans, health care is a problem they worry about 24/7. And for the next 24 hours, we’ll be bringing their stories to light.

Here’s our first video, from Jim in Belgrade:

Jim is not alone in this struggle: throughout the rest of the day, his voice will be joined by others on our YouTube page. Every hour, on the hour, we’ll be uploading a new health care video, and sharing it with our elected leaders and the Nebraska media.

In creating this project, our organization, SEIU, is indebted to the efforts of our statewide partners: Nebraska Appleseed, Health Care for Americans Now, the Center for Rural Affairs and the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network.

But if we are to see real reform enacted, we’re going to need your help, too.

So take the time to call your Congressman, and let them know just what health care reform means to you. Together, we can build a health care system that works for us all.

Senator Johanns: 402-476-1400
Senator Nelson: 402- 441-4600
Representative Terry: 402-397-9944
Representative Fortenberry: 402-438-1598
Representative Smith: 308-384-3900

Until next time,-Ryan Anderson for SEIU: Change That Works Nebraska

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