For those unfamiliar, Pete Hegesth is the executive director of Vets for Freedom. Vets for Freedom was founded a few months after the progressive Veterans’ organization I work with (not for, since I volunteer), You’d have to ask Pete and his cronies to confirm this, but as best I can tell Vets for Freedom has served no other purpose than to be a GOP front group countering the work of VoteVets.

During election season, it became common place to see Pete Hegseth and VoteVets Chairman Jon Soltz debating on cable news shows. Routinely, Hegseth was owned.

Apparently tired of being exposed as a token yellow ribbon pin on the lapel of the Republican Party in front of millions of viewers, Hegseth has taken to penning typing his thoughts out on the web site of a prominant publication. Now, just what publication would have a GOP mouthpiece who will parrot neoconservative talking points and Cheney worship?

You guessed it: The Weekly Standard.

I’m not going to rehash Hegseth’s piece on the dueling speeches from the President and some evil sith. You can probably guess fairly accurately how it read (Obama blah blah surrender blah looking back blah blah Cheney blah blah torture works blah blah over there so we don’t have to fight them here blah..). I just want to be petty for a moment and point out that, as Atrios noted, Hegseth has difficulty counting, even in single digits:

Laying aside the debate over what is and what isn’t “torture,” it’s hard to argue with 8+ years of safety since 9/11. Yet, somehow, the interrogations we used to get valuable intelligence have "undermined" our safety.

Do the math. "8+ years"? Really?

And, to add to the tear down of this argument, here is Yglesias:

The overwhelming majority of Americans to ever be killed by foreign terrorists were killed during Bush’s presidency. And even if you give him a pass on 9/11 itself it’s still the case that his conduct of the “war on terror” led to the deaths of thousands more Americans.

This post is really just my spin on this ThinkProgress piece. For real.

Richard Allen Smith

Richard Allen Smith

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